Use our Rates page or call us on 18007605036

Complete the Booking Form depending on the type of your package. Call us for any assistance.

Review the email sent with the airway bill. It contains a dedicated link to track your shipment in real time. Alternatively, enter your Airway bill on the service providers website.

Goes without saying, that your package must be adequately packaged. If you need more information review the Resources section of the website for Carrier specific packaging guides.

Tick the Insurance box on the form. We will manage the rest.

It is your responsibility to ensure that items are securely packaged. If you have opted for additional insurance, ensure you lodge your claim with photos within 48 hours of receiving your items.

Refer to How to Measure on our website.
Don’t guess - use a tape measure and weight scales to determine your weight & dimensions. Any discrepancy will lead to additional fees of $50.00 plus freight costs.

All our transactions are processed via market leaders – Stripe, Square, Paypal. We do not the option of direct credit, cheques or cash.

The receiver must pay for all duties, taxes and other fees and charges associated with customs and other departments/associates in India. We may (in some instances) help you pay them as the sender incase of gifts or other situations.

Download the Commercial Invoice Template from the Resources Section.

WHAT happens if

In most instances, it has gone for a trip around the world. Give it 24 hours and if you don’t see it moving, give us a call. We can help you lodge a manual trace to locate it.

If your box/suitcase is damaged, there is not much we can do since it is considered packaging item and subjected to manhandling during transit. But if the contents inside are damaged, please give us a call. If insured, we will help you lodge a claim.

I realise I have entered the wrong weight/dimensions.

If we need to reissue a new airway bill, a $10.00 admin fee will be charged.

I want to cancel the shipment.

  • If an airway bill has not been generated we will gladly refund your payment in full.
  • If an Airway Bill has been generated, we will deduct a $35.00 administration fee from your nominated card.
  • If the shipment has been picked up, unfortunately there is not much we can do. Give us a call on 1300 696 176 to discuss your options.

I want to change my pick up date/time.

Give Couriers To India a call on 18007605036. If the driver has attempted a futile pick up, a $15.00 admin will be charged to reorganise the pick up.

I do not have a printer to print the Shipping Documents.

Give Couriers To India a call to discuss your options on 18007605036

We bill our clients based on the verified weight report received from the freight carriers. Give us a call on 18007605036 to obtain an explanation on how you have been billed.

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